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OpenChange 2.0 QUADRANT is the latest release available for download. Download packages for your Linux distributions, sources and GPG signature:

OpenChange is a portable Open Source implementation of Microsoft Exchange server and Exchange protocols. It provides a complete solution to interoperate with Microsoft Outlook clients or Microsoft Exchange servers.

OpenChange client-side library is used in existing messaging clients and is the solution in new projects to communicate natively with Microsoft Exchange and Exchange-compatible servers. OpenChange server is a transparent Microsoft Exchange server replacement using native Exchange protocols and does not require any plugin installation in Outlook.

OpenChange is a member project of the Software Freedom Conservancy.

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OpenChange at SambaXp 2014

Friday, 10th March 2014

From May 13th to 16th, 2014 , OpenChange will participate to the samba eXPerience conference in Göttingen (Germany). Julien Kerihuel will present a talk entitled Beyond Technical Fulfillment.

In 2004 OpenChange was a few lines of code and no plan at all, and it might have all stopped there. Over the next decade OpenChange slowly gathered a contributor community and decided on a full implementation of MAPI, client and server.

Today in 2014, although there is plenty of enginering and polish to complete, this goal has been achieved. Microsoft clients and servers operate with full functionality against OpenChange without being able to tell the difference. But what should come next? This talk explains the kinds of interesting and new things that can be done when you implement the world's most popular groupware solution in open source code.

Zentyal OpenChange Webmail

Thursday 20th February 2014

Zentyal Server development is strongly focused on providing a native replacement for both Microsoft® Active Directory and Microsoft® Exchange Server. The continuous integration of OpenChange in its product along with its regular contributions to the project have lead to major improvements in the area of webmail and usability.

This fully new webmail user interface (UI) (based on the SOGo webmail) will be included in the Zentyal Server 3.4 version that will be released on March 15 and is available for beta testing as of today. For additional information and preview, check out this Zentyal Labs article that highlights the main changes and includes several screenshots.

You can read the Zentyal Labs article at the following address: http://labs.zentyal.org/zentyal-webmail-restyle/.

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Saturday, 15th February 2014

OpenChange is now on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and have a lot of news and updates to share with you among next weeks. It is time to update your bookmarks.

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