Release Notes


January 2013

The OpenChange project team is proud to announce the release of OpenChange 2.0 QUADRANT.

OpenChange is free software, and is the only drop-in replacement for Microsoft Exchange.

Drop-in Compatibility for Microsoft Exchange

The OpenChange team has created the first and only compatible Free Software implementation of Microsoft's Exchange protocols used by Microsoft Outlook and compatible clients.

OpenChange runs as a service on top of Samba 4.0 Active Directory compatible server and provides Exchange connectivity to all MAPI compatible clients. The immediate benefit of OpenChange server is:

No plugin required for Microsoft Outlook

Another key feature of OpenChange lies in its capability to plug into existing infrastructure and makes use of existing reliable services. OpenChange makes use of your existing messaging server to transmit (Postfix, Exim4) and deliver (Cyrus SASL or Dovecot) emails. Regarding common groupware objects such as tasks, appointments and notes, they are stored in your database server (PostgreSQL, MySQL).

OpenChange server also provides support for Outlook Anywhere, formely known as RPC over HTTP. This service allows clients using Microsoft Outlook to connect to their Exchange servers from outside the corporate network.

Perfect software combination

The best of OpenChange server and its SOGo backend can be obtained using the following set of softwares.

Software Version
OpenChange 2.0 QUADRANT
Samba 4.0.1
SOGo 2.0.4

New Features


Bug Fixes

Known Issues with SOGo backend

Benefits of SOGo collaboration

OpenChange server and SOGo ( ) are both groupware servers sharing mutual interest in collaborating for the greatest benefits of end users. The cement of this cooperation lies in a backend developed by Inverse Inc on top of OpenChange API that plugs SOGo storage to OpenChange server through SOGo libraries. From a general perspective, it can be described as:

In practice, it means that users primarily interested in an Exchange compatible server interoparable with Microsoft Outlook clients don't need anything but Samba4 and OpenChange. There is no need to run SOGo server.

In the meanwhile, as soon as users are looking for Webmail access, synchronization with Mozilla Thunderbird/Lighning, Apple iPhone or Blackberry, then SOGo server is needed.

Opening Linux Desktop to Exchange World

OpenChange is also providing client libraries and series of tools allowing users to connect to Microsoft Exchange and Compatible servers such as OpenChange from Linux Desktop. A quick introduction to usual openchange tools is available from the Web site in the documentation section.


The team would like to thank everyone who helped in making this release, including (in alphabetical order):

We would like to address special credits to Wolfgang Sourdeau who invested a lot of time and enery in OpenChange for the last couple of years.

We'd also like to acknowledge the continued support of the Microsoft "Dochelp" team - much appreciated.

Download Details

OpenChange can be downloaded from the Download section.